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Muriatic Acid to remove chrome??

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  • Muriatic Acid to remove chrome??

    I called earlier and was told muriatic acid can be used to remove the chrome off metal. The chrome is still there after soaking for some time. It seems like it is flaking a little easier to scrape with a knife, but its not consistent. What am I doing wrong. I thought this stuff would just disolve it away

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    I think you have to use current to electrostrip the chrome off quickly. It is in the manual and the Chrome is very very thin and deplates quickly. Take care not to deplate too much and damage part.



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      One thing may be a problem, If you have any type of wax or grease on the surface of the chrome, it will not allow the acid to get to the chrome.
      It should turn black and disinigrate off slowely. It wont flake off.
      Try heating your acid in a glass pot. Be really careful not to breath the fumes.
      I heat my muratic/water mix and the chrome comes off almost instantly. It will fiz and when the fizing is gone!
      Dont do this with potmetal parts though.
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        Thanks, I will use this advice in future projects. I ended up primering it to death, then using a black epoxy as the finish.


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          Re: Muriatic Acid to remove chrome??

          I have been removing plated chrome from nickel using the following:
          Remove chrome plating layer with 30-40 % hydrochloric acid (remember acid into water). You can use reverse current (anode) in the same acid solution.
          For furher information write back on this process.