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Copper Anode Usage

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  • mcaswell
    You can take the copper anodes out of the acid bath, rinse them, then put them into the flash copper bath and vice versa.

    We sell the kit with only two copper anodes to keep the price low.

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  • mdarr
    started a topic Copper Anode Usage

    Copper Anode Usage

    I have the 4 gallon triple chrome setup. I have a separate tank for flash copper, bright copper, nickel and chrome. The kit only included two 4" X 8" copper anodes. I assume I need two more since I'm using both flash and bright copper. Is this correct? In the mean time, can I use the same set of anodes for both flash and bright copper if I rinse them off including the bandages they are in first before putting them in the other solution? thanks for any input.