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ATV parts with gold color

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  • ATV parts with gold color

    I am in the process of rebuilding my sons ATV and I have noticed the wheel hubs and axle had a gold tint to them. Well I bead blasted the axle (which was steel) because of rust. And the hubs were aluminum, I washed with an aluminum cleaner. The gold tint was removed from the hubs. I think this gold tint was a Zinc coating and I wish to reapply this to both the hubs and axle. My question is whether this was a zinc coating?
    I have seen other various vehicle parts that are not painted but have this gold color tint and do not rust. I would like to buy a kit that can replace this coating. What do I need?

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    It's probably an anodize layer with gold dye. It could also be yellow chromated zinc plate.
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      The parts looks exactly like the ones in the bottom picture on your website page