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Build Your Own Barrel Plater

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    Re: Build Your Own Barrel Plater

    Originally posted by chromeitout View Post
    I have plenty of coax, but the braid is not copper.
    It doesn't have to be coax. Any flexible multi-stranded wire, of suitable gauge for the amperage, will work.
    Seans Zinc Plating page


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      Re: Build Your Own Barrel Plater


      New member here thanks to you and many others. Have been researching barrel plating to improve end product while limiting labor and your ideas show that creativity and flexibility rule supreme. I have much to learn and have read hundreds of posts, but haven't found a clear answer. Will be copper plating batches of 500-1000 bullets at a time and building a hexagon barrel based on on a caswell solution kit. Question; have you experimented with aluminum screen to line the barrel and charge? Have seen a couple of posts on this, seems like good theory but concerned with increased cleaning and potential drag out issues. What are your thoughts?



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        Re: Build Your Own Barrel Plater

        i too have been reading 100's of post found on Google.
        i will be building one of these. I'm going to try to do at less "500" 185grain batch of wheel weight lead cast .40 cal bullets.
        the steps i have planed out. after unit is built

        1. cast bullets.... DONE . (the mold is a .401 in size and most will cast .402-.403)
        2. wash with acetone
        (2.1 maybe a dip in something to would etch the lead to make the copper stick better?)
        3. plate with copper sulphate mixed with (water, vinegar, or battery acid) will try all
        4. size to .401 (i may under size before plating and plate to .402 then size)
        5. polish copper (tumbler with water soap and ?)
        6. load the round
        I will be replying to this thread when I have helpful info and/or an update.


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          yeah i think It doesn't have to be coax.


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            I'm just finishing up on my barrel plater per Sean's design and am getting ready to try my first batch of zinc plating. Is there a chart somewhere that gives the surface area for common fasteners? I've seen the calculator, and I'll use it if need be, but it's hard to conceive someone hasn't somewhere listed out surface areas for 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, etc nuts as well as corresponding bolts of varying lengths. Thanks