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Stripping Nickel Plating

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  • Stripping Nickel Plating

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to know the most easist way to strip Nickel plating without using my rectifier. If I need to I can use the rectifier? All help is appreciated. I need to strip nicekl off old brass hardware and bathroom hardware which is brass underneath? I have used muriatic acid with brass in the past and it I notice that it will destroy the brass if not watched.

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    If you don't want to chemically strip it, you'll have to buff or blast it off with a blasting gun and media.
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      Well if I wanted to use chemicals to strip the nickel off my brass items am I correct to say that I would use muriatic acid mixed with distilled water. Would this work? Or using muriatic acid mixed with distilled water and a lead anode reversing the wires? All help is greatly appreciated!!!

      Also I am using the electroless nickel plating kit and once the nickel is stripped then I can go ahead polish to a high shine and then clean the metal of all debree and plate the part correct?


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        If you're going to electroless nickel plate it, then I'd just buff it all out and then plate it. Why bother taking the old nickel off if you can just plate over it with nickel again?

        Just be sure to have a high polish on it and make sure any areas where the old nickel meets the bare brass is smooth as possible.