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  • Ultrasonic cleaner

    I purchased a Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts.What kind of solution should I use?

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    Is anybody there to answerr my question?. Does anybody know the answer please! Help.


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      They do have special cleaners to use with then. I bet if you went to a Jewlery store they would have it plus I think I saw some at Wal-Mart even.



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        I have been using a small urtrasonic cleaner and belive it or not I use "Cascade" dishwasher detergent.

        I put about a teaspoon of the powdered detergent in the cleaner (mine holds about 8 ounces of water) it works great and is dirt cheap.

        Here is my process for final plating of nickel or Copy Chrome.
        (I use this process for plating on bare steel, brass/copper and over nickel).

        1. Be sure part is ready to plated (free of any zinc, highly polished).
        2. A (3) to (5) minute "buzz" in the ultrasonic cleaner (see note below).
        3. Through water rinse (about (30) seconds).
        4. A (15) second dip into "Nickel Pickel" (see Casswell manual for mixing info)
        5. A (15) second water rinse.
        6. Reverse plate for (10) seconds.
        7. Plate for (15) min. to (1) hour depending on the thickness you want.

        I also have devised what I call a "Roto-Plater". It holds the part and slowly rotates the part(s) in the plating solution and automaticaly reverses direction every (5) min. Always have an even layer of plating, no burning or dull spots.

        The anodes are never any closer then (2) inches from the part and I always use (2) anodes on opposite sides of the tank.

        When the my parts come out of the plating solution they rarely if ever need to be polished.

        If the parts are to big to put in the urtrasonic cleaner, I use "Dawn" liquid detergent and scrub the parts with a toothbrush. Of course, do dot touch any of the parts with bare hands as you may get body oils on them which could contaminate the surfaces.

        I make sure the parts are on the hangers when they go into the ultrasonic, or wear rubber gloves if hand scrubbing.

        Hope this helps.