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Chrome Peeling and Not all Areas getting Chromed

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  • Chrome Peeling and Not all Areas getting Chromed

    I just plated a set of hood hinges but I have two problems. 1. Where the mounting bolts go, the chrome is peeling from tightening the bolt. More accurately, I believe its actually the nickel separating from the copper as its peeling down to the copper plate. I've had this problem before and it seems to only occur AFTER the chrome plate. In other words, if I stop after the nickel plate everything seems fine. Its almost as if the chrome is causing the nickel to lift from the copper when there is any kind of stress or rubbing going on with the part such as tightening down a bolt on it. I'm pretty sure I'm degreasing properly because I make sure the part passes the water test before each plating step. The second problem is not all of the part is getting chromed. You can look at the part and tell where the chrome is versus where the nickel (yellow tint) is. Its random on the part. Really strange. Several parts will not chrome in the area where the hanging wire is contacting the part but it will chrome everywhere else. I'm not just talking about the immediate spot where the wire contacts the part, but a radius area AROUND that contact point. What gives? Any insight would be mUCH appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Well, for the areas that are peeling it is most likely your cleaning is not atiquate enough. You can get a good plate on the part but if it is not clean enough it will disbond. A good plate will just about have to be chisled off.
    The areas that are not plating are most likely your low current areas. Recesses and holes fall into this.
    The only way to get these is to either make a aux. anode or use robbers on the high current areas and turn the power up so it will plate the lower current area.
    The area you hang the part by will also be a low current area too.
    Hope this helps
    48 BUICK


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      Thanks 48 Buick. I think you're right on the cleaning issue. I had another plating session today and I had much better success. I super cleaned the parts and so far, no peeling. I also started rotating the part while in the chrome bath. Every once in awhile during the two minute plate, I would jiggle the part as well. They came out great! Did this with three additional items and all items came out with everything properly chrome plated. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it now! Thanks for everyone's help on this forum for all the past questions I had. I'm sure there will be other questions later and its nice to now there are others out there willing to share their expertise.


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        If I could add a bit here......
        I usually plate chrome anywhere from 3-4 min. That way if I have any grey areas I can use a real light buff to take them off and not buff through to the nickel.
        With copper and nickel it is ok to jiggle the part. But in the dont want to do that. Current interuptions will mess it up.
        Make sure you have heavy wire holding the part and a solid connection where the wire meets the part. Dont "hang" your parts in the chrome.
        Are you using the alkaline degreaser that came with your kit? That would be the last step.....rinse and then plate.
        acid dip
        alkaline clean (with or without electicity)
        Dont let your part dry off inbetween the cleaning.


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          I've been using a degreaser (O'reilly automotive brand) in place of the SP degreaser and have been getting much better results. The degreaser is used at room temp. Before, I did heat the SP degreaser some (maybe around 115 degrees) but it just didn't cut the grease. I know they say to heat it up to 140 degrees but at the time I just didn't have anyhting to bring the temp up that high. I like this O'reilly degeaser in that I can use it at room temp. Its very similar ans smells like POR-15. As to the chrome bath time, I've tried leaving the part in the bath longer like around three minutes but it always came out hazy. Since just leaving in for two minutes, it's been coming out much better.
          You are probably right on the jiggling the part while in chrome and I'll stop doing that. But the rotation of the part while in the chrome bath I'm sure has helped with the uneven chrome plate issue and parts of the part not getting chromed.
          Back to the cleaning issue, I'm just lazy I guess as I just don't like to have to heat up any more chemicals that I have too. Thats why I like to use this degreaser I'm using now. It seems to work just fine as long as I clean and rinse the part two or three times with the final time being a hang and soak time of about a minute. I'm sure some sort of super heated degreaser would be very beneficial but I'm thinking as long as this current method is working...what the heck. The issue I was having with the chrome peeling I think is past now as I'm sure I just didn't get the part clean enough. I've since changed my cleaning habit and it seems to be working now.
          48Buick....I tried to send you an e-mail but it got kicked back as "Undeliverable"