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voltage pigtail?

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  • voltage pigtail?

    I was watching a show on tv and they showed somebody chroming a motorcycle frame.They tied wire all over the frame for good continuity.But the thing I did'nt understand that they used was a voltage pigtail at the corner of the frame to bleed off excess voltage.Does anyone know why they use this?. Is it because they cant really judge how many square inches the frame really is?

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    That voltage pigtail you are refering to is a robber.
    Robbers are usually set up on the High current areas (points and protrusions)
    The reason they are used is that if you apply the needed power to plate the entire part you will burn these areas. The robber will take all the power and get all funky looking but that area of the part will plate nicely along with the rest of the part plating well.
    Its basically there for protection so you dont burn the points.
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