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Plating computer parts? Platis, metal, painted, buttons

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  • Plating computer parts? Platis, metal, painted, buttons

    Ok, if your reading this you probably are near a computer yourself

    I want to take one and plate nearly everything! Although it is to be a custom showpiece, it will be in normall daily use also.

    I've got the internal metal parts with that gray coating. Will paint remover eat that off? Not sure exactly what it is.

    Then should I drill out the rivets and dip each piece for plating, or build a large tank and do it as one piece? I am thinking I could possibly even do it with a plug n plate kit since most of the parts are thin rails for the case itself. Might need to tank the drive cages though because of tight corners on inside edges.

    Then I have the case panels to contend with. I am thinking maybe paint a gloss black inside and tank plate the outsides. This would make the chrome or gold plated insides stand out much better against the black.
    Of course it will have a custom window installed so the insides will be visable.

    I also then have the plastics to contend with. Case front, drive faces, face plates etc.. all will detach easily for tank plating. I should be able to do those. What about the pieces that do not remove or cannot be soaked?
    CD/DVD drives have the little round volume controll, plastic and I cannot remove those. Also any buttons like power switch that cannot be taken apart or dipped. What to do with those? I would like them plated also, though if I have to I suppose I could paint them black.

    Power supplie I can do, but now hard drives and CD/DVD cases might be a problem. I can't take apart or tank a drive
    Would a gold foil work for drives? I read in the online manual about making foils. Copper plated drives might be ok, if they don't tarnish. Might look nice against the chrome or gold cage. Any sugestions here?

    If I get all this done, how durable is the gold gonna be? I don't want it scratching easily or tarnishing all the time. I do want it to maintain a polished sparkle look! Should I give it a clear coat of laquer?
    Also the same for any other palting I may use. Not worried much about chrome, but Silver, Brass, Copper etc...

    Thanks for any sugestions on this.