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Well, I continue to fail...

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  • Well, I continue to fail... getting any Copy Cad to work on any parts. I've been sandblasting them, putting them in the solution, turning on my rectifier, adjusting the amperage until it bubbles, etc. I pull the part out and it is silver. But the next morning, it's completely rusted--badly. My solution is now opaque and a kind of orange-brown, even after filtering it every time I try to use it. What the heck is going on?

    I've already gone through the customer service process and nobody can figure out what is happening to make all my parts rust WHILE THEY ARE IN THE SOLUTION! I'm might order a 2-gallon setup so I can work in a larger container--the 1 gallon bucket is too small and I have a real hard time getting everything arranged for plating. This might be part of my problem?

    Everyone else seems to have success with this--why don't I? Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do to improve my odds before I drop another $100 on new solution and anodes? This is very frustrating...

    Thanks in advance.
    Matt Harwood
    Harwood Performance Engineering
    Cleveland, OH
    Matt's 1941 Buick Century Restoration

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    Could be something wrong with the wire you are useing to hang you stuff on maybe. i don't know if that would hurt anything but it mite be all it is.