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Need help on plating definitions

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  • Need help on plating definitions

    Exactly what are the different properties of:

    Strike plate (copper)
    Flash plate (copper)
    Bright plate (copper)
    Acid copper plating solution.
    Caswell copper plating solution.

    Thanks for any help.

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    A flash or strike plate is when you plate something with a metal first, so that it can be plated with another metal. E.g. a nickel strike over steel, so it can be plated with acid copper.

    A bright plate refers to the final plate you give something, that you want to appear bright.

    Our regular copper plating system uses acid copper; you have to add battery acid to the solution.

    Our Flash Copper is an alkaline system, meaning that it's safe for metals that would corrode in an acidic bath, such as Pot Metal.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      thanks for the information, just one more question.
      What exactly is the difference between your "fast gold" plating kit and your regular gold brush plating kit?

      I'm assuming it just plates faster, but I'd like to be sure.

      Thanks again.


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        i highly recommend caswells fastgold brush plating solution i have plated several hundred small to medium sized items with it.



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          FastGold vs. Regular gold

          My experience is that both solutions work. However, here are some thoughts:

          The tank plating kit requires the temperature be held to 140F very closely. You'll find this to be completely impractical as a brush plating solution, unless you can keep both the part to be plated and the solution at this temperature. As a tank plating solution it's not bad, but I prefer the FastGold.

          The FastGold has more gold content, so it lasts longer. It also works well at room temperature which makes it more practical for brush plating and touch-up.

          I also recommend the Fast Gold. I have obtained good results with it every time.

          I've moved away from tank plating with gold, since the cost of the material is so high. For the size parts I do, I'd need 2 gallon systems and this would cost me dearly.