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    First, I wasn't sure if this belonged on this forum or the "Other Finishing" forum but oh well. I am trying to use the Silvaspray system on a car fuel door that is made of fiberglass composite. The door has been primered because of the porisity of the gelcoat topfinish. 1. Can you use Silvaspray over a primered surface? 2. Can you use Silvaspray straight out of the can without reducing? 3. The 5% reduction that is talked about in the instructions using Ethyl alcohol; what off-the-shelf product can you use if you can't find a can on the shelf that says"Ethyl Alcohol"? I see denatured alcohol and Methyl/Ethyl but not just Ethyl. 4. How long do you let the Silvaspray cure before attempting to flash copper it? 5. How many coats can/should you apply? I have these questions after attempting to flash copper a primered fuel door treated with Silvaspray. After removing the door from the flash copper, it appears the Silvaspray had lifted or blistered from the primered surface. The copper DID plate onto the Silvaspray, however. Thus the questions above. Thanks for any advice.

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    Blistering with silvaspray

    I'm having the same problem while electroplating plastic. Any ideas anyone? Also I can't seem to get electroless nickel working with silvaspray. Any help appreciated.


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      I am with you. The few times I have attempted Silvaspray under Flash copper it has been a blistering disaster. I suspect that the strong positive pH of the flash copper (around 10) makes it incompatible with paints. Most paints do not hold up in strong alkaline solutions. That is why lye was recommended as a paint stripper!!

      Perhaps acid copper would be a better bet. Caswell once told me to try nickel plating over the Silvaspray, but I have not tried that yet. Makes sense; the nickel solution has a pH closer to 3.