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Apply Zincate but flash copper wont stick

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  • Apply Zincate but flash copper wont stick

    I'm trying to nickel plate a set of aluminum headlight buckets from an old BMW. After cleaning, I set them in the zincate solution. They fizzed (tiny bubbles) and came out grey with dark areas and some streaks. I believe the manual says this is ok. Anyway, I set up the flash copper tank and proceeded to plate 1 piece at a time. After 30 minutes (150 amps, 6 volt), I pull the part and its all dark (blackish) with a few tiny areas of copper. I hit the degreaser for a few seconds and then inspect. Seems like no plating was done. I can even rub off the blackish almost soot-like material from most of the part.

    I'm at a loss. Again, my goal is nickel plating the headlight buckets. The aluminum is circa 1976. What are my options here?

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    Please use our tech support system to request support.

    You don't tell us the area of your part. If it's a normal size headlight bucket, 150 amps is WAY TOO MUCH power. You're burning it. Hence the black, soot like coating.

    Please complete a problem report in our PRS system and tell us how large this part is.
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    Caswell Inc
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      at 150 amps im surprised you didnt burn a hole in it. figure out your total square inches and then use .2 amps a square inch of surface area and i think you will be just fine. if your using a bettery charger i dont think you will ever get the result your looking for. check out my web site for some items i have plated copper both acid and alkaline and acid nickel . i have never used more than 5 amps on any of the parts.



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        sorry dont use the www part,try this one


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          Sorry, fat fingers. That was .150 amps.


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            Are you postitive you have the leads hooked up correctly?
            Pos. to the anode and NEG to the part.
            If your using .150 amps...your way too low. What is the square inches of the headlight bucket?