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Want to electroplate Nickel on used blued handgun

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  • Want to electroplate Nickel on used blued handgun

    What prep is required?

    Remove blueing then polish or vice versa?

    How do I remove all traces of gunpowder residue and lead?

    Do I need to plug barrel so it doesn't get nickeled?

    What sort of plug if yes?

    Do I need flash copper or can I plat directly over steel?

    Does flash copper get buffed? If no, would Nickel be dull due to unbuffed copper?

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    Muriatic acid to remove the bluing.

    The polish and degrease.

    Then nickel plate.

    You CAN plug the barrel, but it shouldn't plate inside because the anodes won't throw inside a barrel. See our tutorial on lines of force on our web site.

    You can use a plastic plug, or a cork.
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