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First time plating, some questions....

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  • First time plating, some questions....

    Okay folks, here's a long one... gave the Plug 'n Plate nickel kit a shot on polished brass; this is my first try at plating. I expected problems and had a few, so not too disappointed (if everything worked the first time, THAT would have scared me). For some larger parts I used the immersion method, but some portions stuck out of the solution. I reversed the piece after the immersed portion was plated, but the solution may be loosing steam... in the same amout of time the plating didn't take as strongly. And because reversing the piece brought it closer to the wand then I thought, there were burn marks and some black streaks. I have more plating solution on order, and I assume that if I try the brushing method, this should eliminate some of the streaking. My question is, typically, if I immerse a piece and plate half, and then reverse it, will I have more plating on the overlapping portions? And will this be noticable? Secondly, my surface prep wasn't as perfect as I though: there are one or two splotches where the plating did not take. Can this be recleaned as is, then that spot plated over as if I was toouching up a worn spot on an old piece? Lastly, the texture of some of the plated portions looks a little different: a little more matte on areas that had been highly polished... possibly it was too close to the wand? In any case, might this be reduced through polishing, or does this sound like a spot I may have to start over with? Don't have the pieces with me, so I cannot describe exactly. I might even figure this all out myself through experimentation, but figured it couldn't husrt to ask for opinions. Thanks all!


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    Just to answer my own question: looks ike most of the matt finish was tarnish and residue that is coming off when I polish. The plating solution still has some juice left, as I tried plating the unplated areas using the brush method and it is working. At this point, the finish looks very nice, although I still have a way to go.