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    I have been trying to get the vibrant blue we have all seen on anodized parts and am not having much success. I am using caswell blue dye on a 6061 part that is mirror polished. I have varied the anodizing time from 15 min to 90 min and have varied the dye dillution from clear to opaque in the dying tank. All I can achieve is a varying shade of PASTEL blue, verry shiny surface finish with no chalky residue but a chalk color. What am I doing wrong or is this the color the dye is supposed to produce? Help!
    I am using an anodizing electrolyte as suggested in the plating manual for dyeing and a regulated power source at 18 vdc with the part drawing about 7.5 amps. Identical part takes the red dye with a nice transparent, vivid red color with the dye dilluted to deep transparent consistency.

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    Re: Blue Anodize

    Hi Keith:

    If you need support on Caswell products, please go to and login to our PRS system and create a trouble ticket. This method allows us to properly track your problem so we can solve it faster.

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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