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Bluing shotgun barrels with Black Oxide?

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  • Bluing shotgun barrels with Black Oxide?

    I came across this site, and the product Black Oxide. I am starting to reblue shotguns and shotgun parts, on a very small scale. I don't have access to either slow rust or hot rust processes, so I have been doing cold bluing, with limited success; it's blotchy and sometimes doesn't "take" at all.
    What about Black Oxide? Does it resemble a blued finish? The second coat, the sealant--does that remain on the gun, or is it wiped or rinsed off? If the barrel is polished well beforehand, will the blued finish be fairly glossy?
    I ask, because there are a good many folks like me who are looking for a better cold bluing process, and hoping this might be it.

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    Your application is the primary use for our Black Oxide system. The penetrating sealer remains on the finish and helps protect it from the elements.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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