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Copy Cad: Flat items okay; bolts dark?

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  • Copy Cad: Flat items okay; bolts dark?

    Hello Fellow Platers: I have been using the larger Caswell Copy Cad and yellow cad systems on nuts, bolts and small pieces. I have done well on flat pieces, but my bolts are dark. Recently, I have gotten both ends of the bolts to be shiny golden, but the threads and shafts are much darker and not shiny. Any ideas out there? Thanks Tom

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    More data on Copy Cad and Yellow Cad coloring

    Fellow Platers:

    In thinking more about my issues, I am hanging the bolts from thin brass wires into the solution. Do you suppose the ends are acting as anodes more and the bolts, with threads, need more time for the copy cad to take, so the yellow cad coloring will be uniform? Thanks Tom


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      Copy Cad and Yellow Chromate still not taking on larger part

      Hello fellow platers:

      I cleaned the Copy Cad solution with coffee filters, waited a few days until the solution settled and was very successful in plating nuts, bolts and washers, but on part 7.8 square inches up to 15 square inches, the parts are still dark and do not take the yellow chromate coloring. I have been used to seeing a lot of bubbling with the smaller bolts, nuts and washers, but no bubbling with the larger part. I am beginning to think that my 1.5 Volt 300mA power supply is not as powerful as I need.



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        Using the Technical Forum - spray distilled water first

        Fellow Platers,

        I have just learned something. You need to spray distilled water to see if it sheets before you can post a technical question in that format. I did not do that, so the next time I plate, I'll do that to see if the part is thoroughly cleaned.


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          Fellow Newbie Plater

          I just joined this forum and have ordered the Copy CAD Yellow crystals.

          I too am going to re-cad Porsche 914/911 parts! Do you have any suggestions? I have been plating zinc on a few parts so far. That has been going really well. But, I am looking for that final Yellow Chromate Look.

          My process so far is Cleanup Using an Electrolysis rust/scale removing system to clean them up. On my Pedal assy. It took everything off great. But sure makes a nasty looking Smut bath.

          Then sand/bead blasting the parts and Parkerizing them prior to repainting them black.

          My plating for the earlier 911/914 style Swaybar hardware will include bead blasting the hardware and zinc plating then Copy Cad.

          Does anyone have a suggestion for stripping the original Yellow Chromate/CAD plating safely. Can I use an ACID Bath? If so what does the mixture consist of? I really don't want to blast or wire wheel the parts and create any Toxic Dust.

          Thanks Mark MG911Guy


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            Welcome fellow 911 restorer!!

            Hi Mark,

            I have had really good luck with my yellow cromate plating from Caswell.

            I use a bead blaster to remove rust and scale on smaller parts like your pedal cluster then powder coat them!

            For nuts and bolts, I have been using the six gallon copy cad kit and dipping the parts in yellow chromate just after a quick rinse. They are doing well.

            The problem that I am having is the larger plating that comes out gray, like my postings above.