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    I have to nickel and chrome plate 12 pieces of 1-1/2" square tubing 33" long. I'm going to use a piece of 4" pvc pipe for my tank. My question is, do I need my anodes to run the lenth of the tubing on both sides of the tank? Where can I get Nickel anodes that length?

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    See the manual and read the Woronko Plating Chamber instructions.
    You can then use just two anodes placed at the top of the 33" tube.
    The tube is used vertically, with a sealed endcap at the bottom.

    The part is then plated 8" at a time, lowering it after the plating time for the respective thickness.
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      I would like to shorten the time it takes to plate using the Woronko tank. Would there be a problem with taking two 8" anodes overlapping them about 1/4 inch and riveting them together with stainless rivets to make the anode about 16" long? Also, would it matter if I started with the tube completely emersed in the tank and raised it as it was plated?
      Thanks, RICH