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What material for cabinet building

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  • What material for cabinet building

    After nearly 3 months and a terrible experience with, I finally got my plating kit from Caswell. Caswell was very quick about shipping my order and kept me updated via email about the status. Thank you, Caswell!

    Now that i've got my kit I want to build a cabinet for it. It doesn't need to be as extravagant as the one in the manual and on this site, but I do want it to be nice. I have drawn up a basic design that will allow me to hold 6 tanks recessed, has a ventilation system that will blow right out my garage window, and will be fully enclosed with a locking door (3 year old daughter).

    My question is this:
    What material should I use to consruct a clean, yet durable cabinet? I don't want to spend a lot of money(I've already done that and my wife is going to kill me). The manual says not to use particle board. How about MDF? Or maybe you know of something better?

    Any help is always appreciated. Thanks

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    Plywood would be best. MDF will fall apart if it gets wet.

    You should also paint it with a good epoxy based paint to make sure it can stand up to the chemicals.
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