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    I usually try to refrain from any negative type postings, but....
    When a company is blatently ripping people off for thier profit, something must be said.
    Im hoping the new people coming to this site and comparing pricing will see this first.
    DO NOT do any business with
    If you do, you might as well take your wallet out and set it on fire. At least you will see where your money is going.
    I have know of at least 4 people that have been taken by them, some to the tune of 4000.00 dollars.
    They seem to be in the mode of taking your money and not delivering the product. Then when you try to get in contact with them they either blow you off or dont answer the phone.
    The BBB is now involved along with the police in Maryland. If you have been scamed by them, PLEASE file a complaint with the BBB.
    Stick with reputable companies that actually post thier adress!
    Caswell is a good one that has been around for a while and delivers the goods (and im not even a affiliate!
    Just trying to keep you guys from thowing your money away.
    Good luck with the plating and stick with it! You can actually turn out better quality the the local plating shops in your area. Just stick with it.
    48 Buick

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    Before I found Caswell home page and there forum I try to cantac habby platin by phone, Not once but several time with no luck what so ever, Boy Im i glad that they did not want to answer the phone, Other wise I could have been sol. And for does of you that are just finding this forum stik with it. I have only pict up there plating manual, and I have to saiy That they have been grate with me. I have call them several time and Mike and his son have gaided me in the righ direction. Than's guy's Casswell John Torres.


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      48 Buick,
      I am one of the lucky people that was able to retrieve the money that I had put out. After about 3 months, over 100 attempted phone calls, a complaint to the BBB, and a phone call to the Maryland Attorney General's office, my credit card company was able to get my money back from's (aka Bell Comm Finishing) merchant bank. Come to think of it, when I placed my order they tried to get me to send a money order.....hmmm....... Should have known then that something was up. I am glad to know that in my own small way I may have helped to raise the red flag to the powers that be. My personal opinion is that they should get the pleasure of meeting each one of their "customers" in person in a dark alley.
      I work hard for my money and don't like to give it away to some
      @$$]-[0le that isn't smart enough to find a way to make an honest living.

      Since then I have ordered from Caswell and am very happy with it. In fact, after having my operation running for only 2 weeks, I've got people that I don't know wanting me to plate their stuff for them. Kind of crazy considering I haven't even put out my first "perfect plate" yet. Thanks Caswell!


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        By the way, if anyone needs their address here it is as listed with the BBB:

        Bell Comm Finishing
        11 Triumph Way
        Elkton, MD United States 21921

        Just trying to help by providing customers with their contact info


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          Well I am sorry to say, but I to was a victim off AKA"Karl Bell". I though was not so fortunate in getting my money back. I have made well over the 100 calls and do have my name on the list of victims whith the Maryland state police. I was curios though when you had your trouble? I wanted to put it on a time line with mine. The trooper told me they have over 19 victims from all over the U.S. I had talked to the Attorney Generals office and BBB but nobody really cared I got passed aroun from one department to another with no results. The Merchentile bank said they couldnt help me if they wanted to because his account is often overdrawn or empty. Not sure what more I can do but I borrowed money to buy equipment and get nothing but a payment and a screwed up bussiness plan. Any ideas?


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            Depending of how mouch you lost, and if you are withing the same state, you could take them to small clais court. with out you having to get a lawyer. All you will have is the small court fee. and it ill be another mark agaist habby plating. or if you can locate as many persond that lost there money with them. All of you together can take them to court as one case. the more the marier. I would. binesses like that Should be in Jail. Censierly Elboriqua


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              I am a victim, To the tune of $8695.00, What is the deal with these guys, Did or did they not have a viable buisness that went south? I am in the process of filing complaints and doing everything i can to retrieve, something. How is it that they just went away ? Are they not in buisness at all now? Oh and by the way I wired the money via a bank transfer. I got a call back from the state police but have not been able to get in contact with whoever is heading up this list. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Are there any forum members that live in the area that can go by the shop and just get us an update on whether these guys jumped ship? I am in florida


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                My troubles began aound the first part of July. It took me nearly 3 months to get everything resolved. Has anyone got the FBI involved? Due to the fact that this crime crossed state lines it could be turned over to Federal Jurisdiction.

                Another thing...
                Their website is still up. That thing needs to come off the web. Anyone know someone that can do that?

                Maybe when we all make some real $$$$ with Caswell we can afford to take a trip to Maryland to find this guy.


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                  I have started the ball rolling and filed a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center. This site is a joint effort between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. I was very general on my complaint due to the fact that I was fortunate enough to get my money back.

                  Please, if you have been a victim of this jerk or know someone that has, file a complaint with them immediatley. From the information that has been posted and my own experience it seems that it is not going to be handled properly on state level (we don't vote there). Getting the Feds involved may help to push the right buttons.


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                    This won't help anyone now but I was going to order some anodizing materials from them awhile back. When I asked around everyone told me about Hobby Plating ripping people off. Not just $50 or $100 but for $1,000's. I really wonder myself if they ever were a "real" business. Their web site was down for a while and alot of people were hoping they finally got what they deserved but then it came back! Still they are ripping people off. I don't know how!



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                      Well Hobbyplating tried to get myself and my company and I of course made my complaint to the BBB which is in contact with them Again since I used my Corporate AMEX I was pretty much safe guarded and I diksputed the charges to win the battle. Again between Tim and Karl they are scam artist who probably do not even have an EPA permits and are locked up in some warehouse in the countryside where they can basically do what they want. They must be stopped..............


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                        i spoke with officer cross from the baltimore police and it looks the guy who has scammed so many of us has been arrested. i have the officer's number if any of you would like to contact him. my email is [email protected]. i beleive that they are in the initial stages of the investigation so any info that you could supply would probably be appreciated. he said that they picked the guy, not even sure what his name is, buying a pizza with a credit card information from some lady in georgia.


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                          Hobby Plating Rip OFF .com

                          I was taken for $600.00 and spoke to the MD police. What is the reality of recovering any money?