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  • Gold Plating Medalions

    Obtained some round medalions while in Iraq. They are about 2 1/4 across and about 3/8" thick. The rim is a polished "gold", whereas the obverse and reverse are frosted or buffed. Through mistreatment there are dull spots, scratches etc. Would like to enhance their looks...but am wondering about preparation and whether they should be brushed or dipped with a clip. How does one make it uniform on an item of this size and then also go back and hide the clip marks? Thanks! Going to get a kit and "experiment" on handmade knives where I have just a tad bit more knowledge than about working these medalions!!

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    Hmmm.........I've never had a problem when brush plating gold with it going on uneven on such a small peice, just mist it real good with distilled water during the process and use a quick circular motion with your wand, you should be jammin'.

    You should very carefully polish them, or better yet, get one of those polishing rag things (I can't for the life of me think of who makes one, but the local NAPA has them). The degree and consistency of shine is always important, but it seems like even more so with gold. The better you polish them the richer the gold will look.

    If you want a super bright shine, you should nickel plate them after the polishing.

    My experiance with "clip marks" is, if it's making am mark when brush plating, either your amps are too high, or you have a loose connection where it's cliped to the part. Make sure you have a good connection to the part, and brush plate forward at @6-8adc.

    Have fun!