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Plug n plate kit for bathroom faucets ?

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  • Plug n plate kit for bathroom faucets ?

    I am thinking of purchasing the plug n plate kit to make my bathroom faucets shinny again. Will it work ?

    Also, how do you distinguish between nickel and chrome plating because I am not sure whether my faucets are nickel or chrome finished ?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Plug n plate kit for bathroom faucets ?

    That's sort of like going into a hardware store and asking the clerk if their can of white paint will work to paint your wall white.

    It will, if applied correctly, over the correct substrate, with the correct tools.

    Chrome has a blue like shine to it, while nickel has a yellowish shine. If you strip the finish from your faucets and get a yellow stain on your stripping bandage, you have a chrome plate.
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