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    Can anybody tell me anything about these Nickel/Copy Chrome filter kits that Caswell sells for $20?

    I have a 16 gallon Copy Chrome tank, and a 16 gallon Flash Copper tank, and would like to put one in each tank. I'm told they will work, but I may find I need to change the filter "more often". With no frame of refference on what normal is, I still have no idea what this means in terms of what it's going to cost me in time to maintain this unit, ie: changing filter or washing it out, or what ever you have to do to it. The description on the site isn't very clear on this point.

    I'd really appreciate any info I can collect about these little jewels. The copy chrome that blistered on my exhaust pipes the moment I started my engine I figure is most likely attributed to cleaning of the subtrate. It makes no sense really I suppose, to spend your life cleaning a part, only to put it into a tank of contaminated plating solution.

    I'm also curious about how well this thing will agitate a 16 gallon tank. It would be so cool If I could eliminate the air.

    Would it be wise to also put one in my rinse water tank (20 gal.) and also my SP degreaser tank (20 gal.) ?

    Thanks in advance guys........