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wire welder for power source

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  • wire welder for power source

    Hey guy's as many of you that look at my other posting no one has and idea af wich wire welder shoul I use, Betwin the one ten or the tow twenty, and What I could use to regulate the amperage, some body please. I know that Im probebly beater of to by a rectifier, But the one ten welder I dont use very mouch any more so I would like to get some use out of it. Come on guy's help.

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    Do you know what voltage the welder puts out?
    You will have to have a way to regulate the amperage. If something goes awray in your bath and your welder puts out 20 volts to push the needed amperage...youve fried your part. Thats not good.
    Its best to stick with a power supply that is below 10 volts for safetys sake. That way if anything does go wrong the most it will put out is 10 volts and you will see your amps drop off. This will tell you something is not right.
    Also, the ripple on the output amperage is going to have to be smoothed out for chrome plating. You will have to have capacitors to do this.
    Hope this helps


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      welder for power supply

      Thank's I will check, To se what is the voltage out put.