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    Glad I found this forum I have been doing some anodizing and had some questions. Now maybe I can find some answers and maybe give some.

    Splash anodizing, how it done. What I have seen is the aluminum is done a solid color then it looks like someone drizzels silver and gold over the piece. It is very comon in the paintball world. Does anyone know what is done to achive this?

    Also any recomendations on how to do detail masking, I have request for flames. Multi color yet, is it possible?
    Ian Feldsted
    Avid Paintball Player

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    Re: Splash Anodizing

    It's done by drizzling the colors over the piece and then sealing. It's more artistic than technical.

    You can use a masking lacquer to mask off certain areas to create the flames effect, or you could simply use tape. People have posted possible solutions in this forum already, just run a quick search.
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      Re: Splash Anodizing

      We use a rubber product to do splashes and camo\'s. It works really well; you dye with one color put the rubber on and then add the rest of your colors. Once you are done dyeing just peel off the rubber and rinse. If you need some help or want us to do some work for you give us a call.
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