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Copy Cad bath contamination?

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  • Copy Cad bath contamination?

    After using my bath for months, getting good bright zinc plated nuts and bolts, brackets etc, as time goes on, I am noticing the results going down hill. Every part I plate now has a dark grey / black haze on it. I can remove this haze with a light rubbing with steel wool after plating and the plating underneath is reasonable. Over the months, I have been plating lots of parts that have previously been cad plated and I did not pickle them in acid before plating. (didn't know)

    I only bead blasted, degreased and plated. I been reading and I think I have a build up of contamination in my bath. I have been trying to reduce the contamination by plating dummy pieces, but it's not helping. I still get black parts. How can I clean up this bath? Someone said run it through a carbon filter? I'd like to try to clean it up before I discard it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am having exactly the same issue and have tried what hobby plater has tried to clean up the solution. I've even filtered the solution through cheesecloth to remove floating contaminants with little effect. The next thing I did was clean off my plates with sand paper which I think improved things slightly . My last option will be to glass bead the plates to make them spotless and see if that works. My plating has come to a standstill.
    We can't be the only two users who have this issue - HELP!!


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      I run my solution through 2 coffee filters fairly regularly. I also occasionally stick the carbon cartridge in the filter that came with my kit. This is supposed to help if you have too much brightener.


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        I did 3 gallons of my 4.5 gallon kit and my zinc bath crashed and started yielding burnt looking dark grey parts as well after just 3 hours and approx 20 small pieces. I'm back to getting excellent results again on my other 1.5 gallons in a new pail but am hopeful that other 3 gallons can be saved after investing $600 into the kit and power supply. Wondering if the submersible heater contaminated it possibly; I had big plans for the full 4.5 gallons and am very uneasy not knowing the root cause or if it can be saved without spending more money on a 2 week old kit.