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Blue crystal like deposits on Copper Anode

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  • Blue crystal like deposits on Copper Anode

    Been using Plug-N-Plate Copper for alot of 1920's car parts with good results followed by Plug-N-Plate Nickel. This week I'm plating another vintage 6" x 1.5" steel piece and am experiencing a large amount of blue crystal like corrosion on the anode front side facing part to be plated. Piece does copper plate and it adheres but I'm concerned as to the reason for the corrosion that covers over 75% of the anode after an hour to hour and half plating time. Running HP variable dc power supply with ~100ma plating current. Current intensity doesn't appear to stop the depositing, several plating tests at 500ma, 750ma, 1amp, 1.25amp.
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