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Problem with Flash Cu kit--deposited Cu is peeling off

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  • Problem with Flash Cu kit--deposited Cu is peeling off

    Hello Plating Gods,

    I have a 4" wafer with Cr seed layer (which is 1000A thick). Here's the run down list of things you need to know:

    1. Base metal of your part-----> Cr seed layer on top of Si Substrate. Trying to deposit Cu on this Cr layer.
    2. Surface area of your part-------> Its a 4" wafer so area is roughly 12.56 sq inch
    3. Which plating kit you are using-----> Flash Cu Plating kit 1.5Gal
    4. Amperage used----------> From the surface area calculations I found out that it should be around 0.8 A. I used close to 0.9 A.
    5. Voltage used----------------> Voltage reading was high---8V!
    6. Temperature of your plating bath------> 102F
    7. Duration of plating------------> 15 min
    8. What you are using as a power supply (ie. car battery, charger, rectifier) and the supply's specifications.----It is a constant current source that I used.
    9. What your surface prep was (and remember...90% of all failed jobs can be traced back to bad prep)------> I cleaned the surface with Ethyl Alcohol and then Cleaned with Acetone thoroughly
    10. What exactly went wrong.---------> The resultant Cu layer was peeling off and also it was NOT shiny. It had a foggy look. Please see the attached pics.

    Please help.

    Deposited Cu is being peeled off very easily also see the 'foggy' deposition--its not clear and shiny