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Little granular spots on electroplated parts

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  • Little granular spots on electroplated parts


    Iam new on this forum and I am manufacturing high quality earphones (Eoz Audio is our company).

    Living in China and having worked with metal parts suppIiers in the past I had my fair share of questionnings about plating issues but this time our timeline is SUPER short and would appreciate an inPut on the following issue.

    Today I controled our parts and realized some granular spots were on the surface, as seen on the picture.

    I suspect that's because the parts were not cleaned correctly, is there someone who could confirm it ?

    the parts have a brushed finish that lead me to think some impurity from brushing may be the culprit.

    this is also backed by some parts that are not brushed and who dont have these issues.

    With many thanks

    Pierre Bardy.

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    Are you using air agitation ?
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116