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Nickel Plating Issues

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  • Nickel Plating Issues

    I recently purchased a student nickel plating kit. I followed the directions the best I could but had a poor outcome. The first part turned out very nice after only a minute of "soak time". Every part after that, got worse and worse. I called support and was instructed to remove the bad plating using battery acid(sulfuric acid) and a Q-tip. I was envisioning something like stripping paint. That did not work but the parts were clean so I decided to try to plate again. On the second round, I made sure I had both anodes in the tank and hooked up properly. I reused the same plating solution as before. It was a little cloudy but the directions did not state that it could only be used once. I let the parts soak for about 10 minutes with terrible results. These parts are very small brass parts, they took me several hours to make. I am VERY worried all these parts are now ruined. I'm very frustrated and need some advice as to how to save these parts and plate them properly.
    Parts cleaned and read for plating Plating occurring but with only one anode(incorrect)

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