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Copy chrome vs reprochrome

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  • Copy chrome vs reprochrome

    I restore cars for a living and I would like to know everyones thoughts on which of the two kits would be best suited to replace actual chrome, the copy chrome kit or the reprochrome kit. I will be using either one in a triple step process ie copper, nickel then the chrome. I must have something that matches real chrome as well as possible. My area is really cracking down on the chemicals used in real chrome and I don't think it will be much longer before it's completely outlawed. I have researched both kits and just can't seem to make a clear desision on which kit to go with. I have mastered the zinc, flash copper, acid copper and nickel plating kits just fine.
    but have high demand for the chrome plate now.
    any information you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated!!
    Also how have people been marketing these alternative substitutes without shying people off sin e it's not technically chromium. But very similar and way better for the environment.
    Thanks I will wait for your response.