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Grey haze on electroless nickel

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  • Grey haze on electroless nickel

    Sometimes I'm getting a grey haze on the surface when I plate, it appears to be entirely superficial and it's usually easy to polish off. I have tried to experiment with the temperature, and it seems like a higher temperature makes it worse but it will still appear at lower temperatures. I mixed a new bath not too long ago and it happened even with fresh solution, so contamination should not be the problem. Any idea what this could be? I would like to try to lower the temperature (like 170-180 or so) to see what happens, but I may not want to see what happens... How low can you really go and still get a good nickel deposit?

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    What is the base metal ? how long are you plating ? what prep is being done prior to plating ?
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116


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      Originally posted by Caswellplating_Jason View Post
      What is the base metal ? how long are you plating ? what prep is being done prior to plating ?
      It's gun parts, so it's slightly different steel alloys. I polish to a mirror sheen, degrease, rinse well and do the water break test and plate for 15-20 minutes. After some more testing, it seems like lowering the temperature helps. So what's the lowest temperature you can use?


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        Due to the underwhelming response from Caswell, here's an update: I found that the problem was more than likely caused by lack of agitation. I wasn't able to confirm the temperature range, but sticking with 195 degrees and agitating by moving the parts around every 2-3 minutes appears to eliminate the hazing almost entirely. My next step is to build some form of mechanical agitator, not sure when this will happen but at least I can limp along now.