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Any idea why this piece was thinner after plating?

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  • Any idea why this piece was thinner after plating?

    Hey Guys,

    I dropped off a few motorcycle parts to be chrome plated and one small piece came back with at least 50% less material than when it was dropped off. This is the first time that I had pieces replated and I'm just wondering what could've possibly caused this.

    Being a sucker and stubborn at the same time, I'm planning on buying a used replacement piece and have it plated again. But before I do, I'd like to hear from you guys about why this might of happened and if I could or should expect it to happen again.

    I attached two photos to show the before and after states. It's now at least half as thin as when I dropped it off and it's easy to see how much material is missing when viewed from above.

    Is it just not possible to do a piece this small or could the type of metal be a problem? I'm assuming it's just stamped steel.

    Thanks for reading,

    The piece on the right is before plating This is the piece after plating