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    I am completely new in this area. I am restoring an old Singer sewing machine. All tiny metalic parts are coroded and should be galvanized again. Can somebody be so nice and tell me what I need to do to create small electroplating plant?

    Thank you for any help!

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    Check our website for all kinds of plating kits.
    Jason Vanderbroek
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      I don't know squat about Singer sewing machines, but the ones I have seen (if I recall correctly) had nickel plated parts and not galvanized. If nickel, you will need some MetalX nickel stripper first of all. This will strip nickel and the copper you may find underneath, but it will not strip chrome. I usually take chrome plated parts to a plating shop that can remove it electrolytically, but there's often nickel underneath so you'll still need the nickel stripper. If need be, 10-15 minutes in muriatic acid will also remove chrome.

      For nickel plating, you'll need a tank, a heater and some electroless nickel solution. Caswell's kit works well, although a bit primitive (a bucket and a submersible heater). I have built my own tank from an insulated beer cooler, a titanium heater and an digital cooking thermometer, it's not a totally professional setup but it works better than the bucket kit. There's a lot of opinions on the cleaning, but I have found that Purple Power and a good rinse in hot tap water does a great job. I have my tank set up next to the sink so I can move the parts quickly from the sink to the nickel bath, and when they're done I can move the parts to the sink for a final rinse. Works every time.