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  • What the hell happened?

    So its made of carbon steel, I stripped it down, sand blasted it, cleaned it in a sonic cleaner with purple power and water. then rinsed it thoroughly under water while wearing clean latex gloves. set it in a nickel acetate solution that I made with vinegar and nickel anodes. i heated the solution to 110 F set it in the solution, connected the positive to my nickel anode and the negative to a copper rod that i placed my frame on then turned on the power from a single D cell battery. almost instantly it began to tarnish and then when i pulled it out of the solution the surface felt rough and even the tarnish was un even. I tried to clean it and polish it but this was the best i could get it. What did i do wrong?!

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    well this sucks. is the forum dead?


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      We unfortunately can not help you with a homemade recipe. To many variables to say what went wrong,
      Jason Vanderbroek
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        more like its a dead forum


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          Originally posted by Needsbeermoney View Post
          more like its a dead forum
          This is eight months "after the fact", but maybe you will see it..
          Jason is correct.. This site is FOR Caswell's Plating equipment.. Mixing-up a bunch of odd-ball kitchen products is so "one-of-a-kind", you are VERY unlikely to find someone who knows the ins and outs of your misc "plating?" mixture.. Basically, you are asking a French Language question in a German Language class. Here are some tips for you, if you don't mind.. Throw the latex gloves away.. most of the brands have a type of "grease" that messes with plating.. Use Nitrile Gloves, instead.. Also, if you want to plate Nickle, you NEED a "Nickle Bath", not vinager and two different metals for anode and cathode (putting the copper rod "in/on" the pistol's frame guarantees that you WILL Nickle Plate the Copper Rod!! You want the pistol's frame to be the cathode.. this way the nickle, both in solution AND from the Anode, will plate the cathode/pistol.. I worked as a professional mechanic for 40+ many shops there is an axiom for the "newbies".. crude tho it may be, it IS effective... "RTFM" Read The "friggin" Manual. If you plan of using Caswell's Plating supplies, get a Caswell's Plating Manual.. One does NOT use a Ford manual to work on a Volkswagen!!