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What the hell happened?

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  • What the hell happened?

    So its made of carbon steel, I stripped it down, sand blasted it, cleaned it in a sonic cleaner with purple power and water. then rinsed it thoroughly under water while wearing clean latex gloves. set it in a nickel acetate solution that I made with vinegar and nickel anodes. i heated the solution to 110 F set it in the solution, connected the positive to my nickel anode and the negative to a copper rod that i placed my frame on then turned on the power from a single D cell battery. almost instantly it began to tarnish and then when i pulled it out of the solution the surface felt rough and even the tarnish was un even. I tried to clean it and polish it but this was the best i could get it. What did i do wrong?!

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    well this sucks. is the forum dead?


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      We unfortunately can not help you with a homemade recipe. To many variables to say what went wrong,
      Jason Vanderbroek
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        more like its a dead forum