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Zinc plating basic questions

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  • Zinc plating basic questions

    Hey all. I did something stupid and left my zinc anodes in the bucket with the solution. They are now a dark charcoal color. I also noticed that the initial powders used to set up the mix have fallen out of the solution and now sitting on the bottom as some small solids. I'm hopeful those will dissolve back into the solution when heated.

    So what should my PH be? The solution has been sitting for a year. Also is there any way to measure how much zinc brightener I need to add to the solution to keep my zinc plating results consistent?

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    PH should be 5.5, So your saying the solution has sat for a year with the anodes in the solution the entire time ?
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      Personally I use steel wool or a Dremel with a flappy sanding head. If the anode is in very bad shape as in left in solution for a very long time I would use a dremel or similar because the surface will be very pitted and harder. If it’s the typical black build-up I use steel wool because it works faster than the popular scotch-brite and brightens the anode more.

      My method for old solution is to heat it up to 110f and give it a mix. Let sit for 24 hours so undissolved sediment settles back down. Then filter with coffee filters and a bucket strainer. Then dispose of the sediment at the bottom, clean container. Then filter again back into your original container. This will leave you with clear yellow solution at this point, I add a small amount of parts A and B as replenishment (I wing it).
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