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Heater Advice- Zinc + Chromate

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  • Heater Advice- Zinc + Chromate

    Starting off with a 1.5 gallon kit, same climate as you (Upstate NY). Manual says heat plater tank to 110, but advice on this board says not necessary? If I did want to heat would an aquarium heater that would get 95 degrees be sufficient? Would an immersion heater (metal- stainless?) cause any problems in the plating bath? I assume heating not needed for an acid etch or chromate tank (although I've seen videos where guys do use them)? Thanks!

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    I use Aquarium heaters even though everyone says room temp. I am in IL and the plating bath can get down to 65F in the AM Hours. Temp of the bath has never been an issue for me and it gets to 100F. I use the FreeSEA 50watt heater sold on amazon (comes with a thermometer for the tank glass) for 15.78 Prime.