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Copy Cad & Zinc Plating Kit - Issues

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  • Copy Cad & Zinc Plating Kit - Issues

    Hello, everyone.

    I'm new here, and run a small business doing restoration work. The need to bring plating in-house evolved and I was advised to pick up the Copy Cad & Zinc Plating Kit.

    To keep this short, I've mixed everything perfectly to what's in the catalog; a degreaser bucket (w/ heater), plating bucket, (w/ heater) and a final wash bucket of distilled water. I'm also doing the calculation to determine the amps. All parts are cleaned and then sandblasted down to a smooth, surface. This happens before any item gets degreased in the bucket.

    Each time I try, nothing at all happens. The parts do no plate. Sometimes, a part may get a little dark, almost like it's burnt but no bright plating at all. What am I doing wrong? So far, I'm very frustrated and disappointed. Please see the below photos. Any help or advice would be great. Again, I'm new so please ask any questions that may help me.

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    I was having similar problems when following the manual's instructions to a T. I eventually tried just cranking the amperage until I could see fizzing around the strand of wire on the surface of the solution. This generally takes seconds rather than the 10-20 minutes the manual claims.
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      Thanks. What size wire did you use on your parts? Also, I thought if they the parts were "fizzing" that meant the current is too high?
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        Are you rinsing between every single step ?
        Do not Blast parts after De greasing. De greasing/rinse is the last step before plating.
        There is plating on the parts, that is evident by the color change of the wire.
        Check your PH level.
        What was the Surface area of the parts ?
        What amperage was being used ?
        Jason Vanderbroek
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