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Yellow Chromate Doesn't Take / Stick

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  • Yellow Chromate Doesn't Take / Stick

    So I finally have my zinc plate down and the zinc looks fantastic. Very bright... love the way that looks.

    BUT... when I go to use the chromate it doesn't do anything.

    I finish zinc plating. Brush with a little steel wool very lightly to just take off some of the gray. Rinse in distilled water bucket.

    Then dip into the chromate and slowly move it around for 40 seconds or so (it doesn't seem to matter actually for me... I've tried leaving it in there for like 5 minutes) and when I take it out of the chromate it literally just falls away like yellow water.

    Then I rinse in the distilled water and every bit of the yellow that didn't fall away like water... falls away like water.

    Wondering if there's something wrong with my chromate?