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  • Motorcycle Frame Repair

    Greetings All!

    Great to join this forum.

    I have a 60s vintage motorcycle frame that's nickel plated. Overall the frame's in very good shape, but there are spots where nicks in the plating led to some rust. The frame is very valuable and I don't want to re-plate the whole thing. I used to brush plate cadmium years ago and wondered if selective plating with nickel would work. I routinely plate small parts with a DC power supply and some high-build solution - that works great. But I don't know how to go about spot plating with a brush on a large frame. The frame is 531 with a nickel plating that doesn't have any copper underneath. Most of the trouble spots are fortunately not in plain sight, but I don't want to re-assemble the bike without treating these areas.

    Appreciate any advice you folks might have.

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    You could use our Nickel Brush plating kit with our Nickel Activator.
    Jason Vanderbroek
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