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Copperplatig with copper sulfate. Sulfiric acid ?

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  • Copperplatig with copper sulfate. Sulfiric acid ?

    Hello all,

    L'm wondering, watching some online clips about metal plating. I succesfully plated a few lead bullets with copper using copper sulfate CuSO4.. But l'm wondering, since the copper is attracted to the plated material, in casu the lead, does the sulfate mix with the hydogen and form sulfiric acid H2SO4 ? Does the mix get acidic over time ?

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    Here is what I could find on this.

    What happens when copper sulphate reacts with hydrogen?
    In a displacement reaction, one element displaces another element from its salt solution. ... When hydrogen sulphide gas is passed through a blue solution of copper sulphate, a black precipitate of copper sulphide is obtained and the sulphuric acid so formed remains in the solution.
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