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Brand new to this and I have some questions

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  • Brand new to this and I have some questions

    I just received my tank electroplating kits and i have some questions. I Purchased the RECTIFIER 0-30A 0-32V, Nickel/Flash Copper Combo Kit and the zincate solution. The rectifier only came with a power cord. what all (and where) do i buy the cables i need to plug in to it that go to the plastic container of solutions to provide the current to plate my items? Also, each solutions requires a certain temperature to plate according to the container. What kind of heater (and where) do I get the heaters that work with the 3.5-gallon plastic buckets that Caswell sent me? Caswell also sent me one small submersible pump. Do I need a separate pump and a separate heater for each 3.5-gallon plastic bucket so I am not contaminating the other jugs with the previous jug's chemicals? If the chemicals were safe to wash down the drain, I'd say just wash the previous containers chemicals off of them and stick then stick them down in the next plastic container for the next plating solution. Sorry for so many questions like i said in the short description I am completely new to this and I am really wanting to learn how to plate my items. Thanks a head of time for any help anyone may be able to provide me.

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    Give me a call at 315-946-1213 ext116 m-f 9-4pm
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116


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      Will do. It’ll be Wednesday though due to a full schedule at work tomorrow. Thanks for the reply!