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Zinc plating: Wiring parts and anodes

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  • Zinc plating: Wiring parts and anodes

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Zinc plating kit from Gateros Plating and have a few questions I haven't found the answer to, perhaps one of you experts could answer for me.

    Is there any other options with regards to wiring parts up and hanging the anodes, currently using the supplied copper wire, would titanium wire offer any benefits in terms of lasting, not going green and conductivity?

    After zinc plating a part, is that copper wire any good to use again or will the zinc plate on it prevent it from conducting electricity? Same question with titanium wire...

    If zinc needs to be removed either from the copper wire or failed plated parts, what do you use to remove the zinc back to a platable base.

    Last question is the bus bar, I'm currently using a copper pipe crushed at the ends to make it stable on the bucket, what other materials work as a bus bar and do any require cleaning back after plating?

    I look forward to your replies and would like to hear your preferences to zinc plating.