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    So I'm in the rust belt, and a car enthusiast... so I'm always looking to create coatings that stand up to harsh environments. I was thinking zinc, but after reading a bit I'm now thinking I'd like to try zinc + chromate.... but I'm wondering how I dispose of the chromate though. I'm reading its hazardous. I'm in PA.

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    Greetings fj5gtx, I do not see many responses to your question. I will tell you how I handle chemical waste such as chromate solution from Caswell:

    1. The most important aspect is to minimize what you use. I mostly plate motorcycle bolts so I only make about 2 cups of chromate (silver/blue) solution.
    2. Use it until it is exhausted. For me I can plate and chromate dip about a motorcycle's worth of bolts before I see degradation in the chromate coating.
    3. Our county in New Mexico has about two hazardous waste days each year. I usually bring a 24 ounce jar of old chromate solution, with description, and they take it.
    4. One can also contact the chemistry department at a local university and inquire if they will take small amounts.

    Again, it is important to tell the receiver exactly what the solution is and I do not recommend pouring it in you home septic system or city septic.
    I hope this helps.


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      Yesterday I was plating and reviewing the Caswell manual and noted that the back of the manual has some useful instructions for disposal of plating products. KRR