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    I'm getting a black deposit on top of the metal I'm plating regardless if it's copper or steel. It usually starts on an edge. My material has been sanded/ buffed, washed and acid etched. Solution has a bubbler in it. My nickel acetate is new. Temperature of solution was between 120-130F. I've tried different amp/voltage settings to no avail. This has been my 1st attempt at plating anything. Should I be looking hydrogen bubbles? Extremely low power does not seem to produce any. When I check the piece after a few minutes it has a nice flat even gray finish and appears that all is well. However after 15 minutes or so into it the black appears. I should have sent a picture of it and can if that will help. Using a backup adjustable 12v power supply right now. The pyrex beaker broke/snapped and dumped nickel solution onto my brand new power supply and fried it.