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Final chromate dip question?

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  • Final chromate dip question?

    Finally did my first practice plating. How do you eliminate the drip at the bottom edge without shaking the part and damaging the finish.

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    Greetings DCLXVI, I have never experienced the "drip line" in you photographs. After the chromate dip I carefully shake the string then, using my wife's old hair dryer, dry the piece for about two minutes. I biult a rig out of PVC sewer pipe so I can hang the piece in the path of the hot air. Later today I will see if I can post a photo of my drying rig. Otherwise looks good! KRR


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      Greetings DCLXVI. Yesterday I plated six strings and had a chance to photograph my drying rig. As I mntioned, I have never experienced the "drip line" at the bottom of the chromate-treated zinc plate hardware as you show in your photographs. I only use the blue/silver chromate treatment because I am looking for a shiny silver surface.
      After I dip the plated string of hardware in the chromate solution for about 20 seconds, I rinse the piece in virgin rinse water and lightly shake the water off. Then I hang the string in the dryer for about 5 minutes. I place the hair dryer on the low setting.
      I hope this helps. Good luck. KRR


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        Thanks I appreciate the feedback