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Building up layers of copper

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  • Building up layers of copper

    I am trying to fill in some small pits using acid copper. I have plated a first layer and sanded it down. I want to add a second layer. After cleaning / decreasing do i need to acid dip before going into the copper bath again ?

    Many thanks

    Alan UK

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    Re: Building up layers of copper

    The answer is yes, always acid dip any part prior to replating. It removes any microscopic oxide on the part.
    Always rinse the part after the acid dip in distilled water before going into the plating bath.
    Always put the part electrically connected while going into the plating bath (don't put the part in the bath and then hook up the power).
    Use lots of air agitation while plating.

    Side note: If you ever do nickel plating the next nickel plating operation will not even adhere to the first nickel plating unless you acid dip it.
    Don't ever remove the part from the nickel bath to check on it, as the nickel will not adhere unless you rinse, acid dip, and re-rinse once the part comes out of the bath.