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  • Gold Plating Question

    Thanks for all of your imput. I really appreciate it.
    I have read alot of questions and answers about amps.
    My questions are:
    1.)Is there any advantage in a stand alone Rectifier and the plug and plate system?
    Remember, I will be working with small pieces.
    2.)Will it speed the process or apply a thicker coat to use increased amps or will several coats with polishing in between be better?
    3.)When polishing between coats, will the Red jewelers rouge be the best choice.
    Sorry for the inquisition, this process really has me excited.
    Thanks again,
    Rusty (Watch-a-holic)

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    Re: Gold Plating Question

    1. No need for a rectifier with Plug N Plate as a constant current at the set voltage is all that's required.

    2. Increased amps will simply burn the part. Same kind of thing as baking a cake. Turning temp up from 250-700 deg will not speed the cooking. Several coats would be great.

    3. Yes, that will be perfect. Very light buffing with a Canton Flannel don't want to remove any gold from the piece.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Re: Gold Plating Question

      Thanks for the imput. I will purchase the plug and plate system.
      New questionsI know I'm a wearout!)
      1.)What is the difference and advantage of the Fastgold product compared to the standard gold product that you get in the plug and plate kit?
      2.) Stainless steele backs on alot of vintage watches are pitted with use. Which product would be best to use to repair this problem. (Fast Chrome?)
      Thanks agin,
      Rusty (Old watch Dog)