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Copper electroplating-Salmon color finish....

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  • Copper electroplating-Salmon color finish....

    I found a post explaining my same issue.
    I have added brightner but it didn't seem to make a difference. I cleaned the anode but still no luck.
    Open to suggestions thanks!

    I have been experimenting with my amperage to try and get a good bright and shiny salmon pink finish on copper using the 'acid copper' equipment. I am trying to get it how new copper should come out. I can only seem to get a matt, crystalline finish although this will polish to a bright copper. I am hoping with enough experimenting I can forego much of the task of polishing and be able to produce a bright shiny piece straight from the tank.

    I am getting a matt finish whether its plating onto copper pipe or electroforming organic material. If I turn the amps up I get a loose thick grain which wipes off. If I turn it down the crystalline structure is much smaller but still the matt finish. Any amperage in between provides matt salmon.

    I am wondering if a matt salmon finish is the best you can get with caswell solutions and I need to look into additional brighteners? Also I am wondering whether I need to invest in an airation pump to refine the copper structure further.Click image for larger version

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    Having the same problem. Any solution all these decades later? Maybe another web site will have someone who could help.